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2010 DW Seminar
Prior Events    3/21/2010 9:14:55 PM

The Data Warehousing Seminar 2010

Featuring Mike Hermida

Friday, March 19, 2010 w New York City 
Radisson Broadway

(49 W 32nd Street at Broadway  w  Herald Square  w Minutes from Times Square &Theatre District)

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One-Day In-Depth Tutorial Focusing on the Practical Aspects and
Real-World Examples Covering

Data Architecture, Data Modeling, and DataBase Design for
Data Warehousing including

Best Practices in Technologies and Techniques

When to build Independent Data Marts versus Central Data Warehouses
How to Decide on a Data Warehousing Framework in Your Organization
Does Your Organization Require an Operational Data Store (ODS)
Why E-R and Dimensional Modeling Can Work Together
Interlocking STAR Schemas or Relational Design...Which Is For You
What Design Techniques Maximize Efficiency in Your Warehouse
How to Separate Data Transform  and  Staging From Presentation
Where to Draw the Line Between Detailed and Summarized Tables
How to Measure Data Quality and It's Impact on the Warehouse
What is the Best Method for Designing and  Presenting Metadata
How to Build Resilient Databases  that Gracefully Allow Change
Future Trends in Information Technologies

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  David Marco Receives Award at
Data Management Forum's
Data Warehousing Conference 2007

Press Release:  The Data Management Forum was founded to be a source of
 information, education and the sharing of ideas across the data management
arena.  Each year we recognize those who lead our industry by making an
outstanding contribution to enterprise information management.   For many
years David Marco has been a thought leader and leading practitioner in the
disciplines of Metadata Management and Data Warehousing.  We are very
proud to present him with the "LEADERSHIP IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
AWARD for 2007", as our way of thanking him for his many efforts.

Anne Marie Smith presents award to David Marco, President, Enterprise
Warehouse Solutions, World-Leading Authority and Monthly Columnist,
DMReview, Best-Selling Author and Instructor - MetaData Master Series

Download his whitepaper Managed Meta Data Environment (MME):
A Complete Walkthrough

Advisory Board Spotlight

James MartinDr. James Martin, an advisory board member of
Data Management Forum, is a Pulitzer nominee and one of the world's foremost
authorities on the social and commercial ramifications of computers, founded
Headstrong in 1981 as James Martin Associates (and later became James Martin & Company).
Today, Dr. Martin serves as Chairman Emeritus for Headstrong. Dr. Martin is an internationally
known business consultant, lecturer, and author. He is known as a premier strategist on
management and information technology. He is sometimes referred to as the "Father of
CASE" (Computer Aided Systems Engineering). His remarkable track record of accurate predictions
about future technology is well known.


Download New Article By Neil Raden:
Semantics for the People
The Emerging Role of Semantic Technology in the Enterprise

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