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BIG DATA SEMINAR June 14 (Friday), 2013

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Featuring Krish Krishnan
TDWI Instructor, Special Advisor to Bill Inmon
This event is featured in the IBM DATA MAGAZINE !

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 w June 14 (Friday), 2013  w  New York City  w Radisson Broadway  w

(49 W 32nd Street at Broadway * Herald Square * Minutes from Times Square & Theatre District)

Theme: Best Practices in Emerging Technologies and Techniques:
Strategic Directions for Your Organization
Hear All About BIG DATA and Real-World Case Studies


   w Krish Krishnan, President and CEO, Sixth Sense Advisors, Inc  w

 Co-Author with Bill Inmon: "Building the Unstructured Data Warehouse”,

Faculty Member, The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI),

Chief Technology Officer of Forest Rim Technology, LLC,

“BIG DATA Evangelist and World Leading Expert, Popular Seminar Leader”)

 “This is a Must-Hear One-Day Intensive Overview of the FutureWorld of  BIG DATA and How to Utilize and Leverage it within Your Own Organization as Presented by one of the World’s Leading Experts”



Definition of Big Data Environment

The Five V’s of Big Data (V5)

The Future of ETL

Types of Big Data / Data Sources

Topical, Social, Temporal View

Data Streaming Applications

What is HADOOP/How Does it Work

Dremmel and Spanner

Business Drivers of High Volume

Distributed Servers (Amazon EC2)

Semantic Processing (OWLIM)

Document Oriented Databases

Distributed Processing (Map/Reduce)

Distributed Storage-Amazon S3)

Distributed File Systems

Linking Relational Database (e.g.Sqoop)

Building Unstructured Databases

Machine Learning Library(eg.Mahout)

Clustering and Classification

NoSQL Database (e.g. Mongo)

CouchDB, VoltDB, ZooKeeper

Graph Databases and Visualization

Role of Data Modeling

Taxonomies and Ontologies

ETL: Unstructured/Structured

Metadata Sharing/Integration

Casandra, Redis, HBase

Innovative Data Integration

Smart Sampling / Data Mining

Fortune 500 Typical Applications

Big Data Lifecycle Best Practices / Best Technologies Workload Driven Design
Practical Considerations Future Trends & Technologies Best of Breed Tools & Techniques


Defining Big Data – What Is It and How Best To Utilize It

The Major Architectural Components of BIG Data – How They Fit Together

Big Data Technologies and How to Decide the Best for Your Organization

Linking Traditional Databases to the BIG DATA Environment

Data Management in Big Data Era: The Challenges and The Opportunities

Why so many Versions of HADOOP: Apache, IBM, Oracle, Google, Amazon, etc.

Implementing Moneyball Techniques to Leverage Big Data – The Role of Analytics

How to Architect Your Enterprise to Optimize Business Intelligence for BIG DATA

Why Globalization is Driving Integration and Massively Parallel Processing of Big Data

Best Practices For Managing Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Big Data

Case Studies - Realizing Incredible Potential for Totally New Applications



The world of Data Warehouse has been evolving rapidly over the last three years (since 2009) into an ecosystem that is architected with traditional data, Big Data, real time data, semantic interfaces, complex algorithms, new infrastructures and serves the analytical needs of users including mobile platforms. This seminar and tutorial will be an all day interactive discussion on how to understand the impact of Big Data on Data Warehousing, is there a future for the Data Warehouse? Does every enterprise need to adopt to the new evolutions of the Data Warehouse? Do the new components of the Data Warehouse provide real additional insights that can be harnessed to enable robust transformations in the enterprise? Does ETL have a future? Does the new world mandate “map-reduce” knowledge? How does one build new analytical platforms? Who is a data scientist?

This seminar provides you a one of kind perspective on both the business and IT side of Big Data and the Data Warehouse. It includes live examples and real world case studies that will enable you to understand this subject. You will gain insights into the new world of Data Warehouse, how the new technologies are changing the way we design and build data warehouses, what will the new generation of reports and analytics look like and who are the companies that have forayed into this new world.

This one-day seminar will address these questions and others related to BIG DATA.
Seminar topics include:

  • Big Data – What it is? How do we Define It and Properly Use It? How does “the cloud” play a role?
    • The impact of Big Data on the Enterprise Architecture
    • The NEW Data Warehouse
    • Preparing the Data
        Big Data - Acquisition – Hadoop / NoSQL
        OLTP – ETL Processes
    • Processing Big Data
        Big Data – Text Mining Techniques, Algorithms, PIG, MapReduce
        OLTP – ETL
    • Integration of Big Data
        Big Data – Sqoop, Metadata, Hive
        OLTP – ETL
    • Analytics - Mahout (apache machine learning library), SAS, R
    • Infrastructure to Support Big Data
    • Designing the “New Data Warehouse”
    • Information Security
    • Maintaining Historical Data
    • Analytics and Business Intelligence
    • Summarizing the Big Data
    • Visualization Techniques
    • Case Studies
        Social Media Integration
        Contracts Management
        Customer Relationship Management
        Health Records, Transportation Pharma. Retail
        Manufacturing, Finance, Securities, Communications
    • Additional Topics include:
        Business Case for New Data Warehouse
        Requirements Gathering and Gap Analysis
        Information Architecture
        Data Modeling
        Data Complexities
        Data Quality Issues / Data Governance

Practical approaches and techniques are contained throughout the presentation on the business, technical, and organizational aspects of Big Data. The seminar format is very interactive with attendee questions encouraged throughout the day, and attendee experiences shared as time permits.


This seminar is intended for business and IT Management, Project Directors, Data Warehousing, Data Architecture or Database Management executives and staff, IT Managers and technicians responsible for planning, design and implementation, Data Stewards and Custodians, Architects, Metadata personnel, and anyone looking for a clear concise overview of data management and architecture guidelines relating to Data Warehousing.

About Krish Krishnan  

  Mr. Krishnan is a recognized expert worldwide in the strategy, architecture and implementation of high performance data warehousing and database solutions. As Special Advisor to Bill Inmon (“The Father of Data Warehousing”) and TDWI Instructor and Author (The Data Warehouse Institute), he is a visionary data warehouse thought leader, ranked as one of the top 25 data warehouse consultants in the world, and an independent analyst, writing and speaking at industry leading conferences, user groups and trade publications. He has authored three eBooks, over 125 plus articles, viewpoints, whitepapers and case studies in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data Warehouse Appliances and Architectures. He has co-authored a book with Bill Inmon entitled “Building The Unstructured Data Warehouse”, upon which Bill Inmon’s “Unstructured Data” Seminar is based.
A recognized authority on Unstructured Data Integration, text mining and text analytics, along with Bill Inmon, he is promoting the next generation of data warehousing, primarily on DW 2.0 platforms with unstructured data integration and social intelligence as key areas in BIG Data and Analytics.
Specialties: Performance Tuning VLDBs (250TB+), Social Media Analytics, High Performance Data Warehouse Architecture and Design, Hadoop, BIG Data, NoSQL, Text Mining, Deep Network Analytics, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence.


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Seminar June 14

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CD ROM Only (Contains seminar handout file)

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Member Discount: (Government / Academic, DAMA or Groups of 3 or More)



Note: Free Cancellation Prior to May 1, 2013 in writing (substitutions always permitted thru June 24)
Large volume Discount for Groups of 3 or More – Contact


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- Call: (516)221-5560 or Email:

- To Download Seminar Flyer: 

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