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December 2011

I'd like to introduce you to a terrific event on Data Warehousing and Enterprise Architecture in New York City at the Radisson Hotel March 21-23, 2012, that will discuss practical experiences of some of the greatest organizations ever (eBay, NASA, IBM) sharing their award-winning projects dealing with BIG DATA and Data Warehousing, combined with my tried and true experiences and knowledge on this subject, all in a single program entitled:


At the RADISSON NEW YORK CITY on Herald Square, 49 W 32nd Street and Broadway (minutes from the Midtown Theatre District, Restaurant Row and Penn Station)

Conference Day Highlights - Friday, March 23, 2012

  • Bill Inmon's Latest Breakthroughs in Data Warehousing Architecture and Design & DW2.0 Update, “Father of Data Warehousing”, World-leading Authority, Author of over 50 books and 650 articles
  • eBay’s Agile Data Warehousing and the Global Directory featuring Lori Dey, Architect. Hear how eBay deals with one of the World’s Largest Enterprise Data Warehouses: 60,000 Tables, 350 Data Models, 90,000 Business Terms, Web Analytics, and massive MetaData.
  • NASA and Big DATA: Data Warehousing and Architecture Story, featuring Dr. Adrian Gardner, CIO and Director of Information Technology and Communications at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Discusses Large Volume Data, Challenges and Successes with Missions like Hubble, Earth Observatory, Solar and Deep Space Programs, Structured and Unstructured Data and more.
  • IBM’s Executive Dashboards and Award-Winning Data Warehousing Program: Driving Decision-Making at the World’s Largest IT Company featuring Steve Garfinkle and Ronni Carroll, Hear how IBM Gains an Edge with Data Marts and BI collecting big data on Marketing, Production, Sales & Finance.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) – Key to Data Warehousing Success, featuring Dr. Peter Aiken, President of DAMA International, Founding Director of Data Blueprint, Associate Professor, VCU, Award-Winning Presenter, “One of the Most Entertaining and Informative Speakers in the Industry”.

Bill Inmon Seminar Day Highlights - Thursday, March 22, 2012: Architecting for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing - Integrating the Structured and Unstructured Data World
Using Real World Cases Studies, I will show how to optimize your data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities, integrating both structured and unstructured data, and leveraging existing infrastructure you have already built. The BILL INMON SEMINAR is the one-day tutorial that will overview how to integrate both structured and unstructured information that permeates throughout every organization. It will show in a simple straightforward fashion how to tap into the rich sources of data that need to be managed in order to truly capture your enterprise data assets, from one of the World's Leading Information Management Experts.
“In order to architect your organization to optimize your data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities, you need to capture and organize all your enterprise information. ”
This is a One-Day intensive Overview of Unstructured Data and How to Utilize and Leverage it to your advantage.
Mike Hermida - Seminar Day Highlights - Wednesday, March 21, 2012: Data Warehousing Architecture and Design: A One-Day Tutorial
Data Warehousing has taken hold throughout the business world and is providing great insight into business performance, and timely information to allow decision makers to enhance this performance. This tutorial highlights all aspects of Data Warehousing and Data Marts from Architecture, Design, Data Modeling to Warehouse Management Roles and Responsibilities, Data Accessing and Reporting. Practical approaches and techniques are contained throughout the presentation on the business, technical, and organizational aspects of data warehousing. The seminar format is very interactive. Mike brings his experience having been an architect on the Spacelab and Space Shuttle Programs, IRM Manager at IBM, and popular lecturer and consultant worldwide. This is a Must for any Manager, Technical or Professional Person who Maintains, Develops, Plans or is contemplating projects in the Data Warehousing or Data Management arena.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from some of the world's most successful organizations that are actually implementing the latest techniques and technologies in data warehousing, as well as listen to what the world's most renowned experts will share with you about the Data Warehousing arena and its challenges and opportunities. I will be leading this event and I hope to see you there!



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